i18n (Translation) service

Anyone know of a good translation (in18n)service for Rails & IOS language/locale files.(B2B App) Requirements for the service: Upload de.yml and en.yml and get the file back in the original sequence- so most of the context can be preserved. Download ideally via CLI and no clunky browser download.

A web interface to have discussions with the translator about usage of phrases and the context they appear in the app, where one could post a link or a screenshot to the screen as used in the app. That should be persisted with the original language file (useful later as a reference for other languages).

Ideally also a marketplace of translators - annotating specific skills of industry vocabulary…

I use http://www.getlocalization.com/ for dealing with this - a great, free-ish web-app for translating resource files. It handles YAML files. It has both browser and CLI API. I use curl to get the latest translation bundles as part of the build process.

What languages do you want to get translated into it? If Italian or Spanish I have an excellent technical translator I can recommend. That is, EN -> IT and EN -> ES

For other language combinations, http://odesk.com/ is a good source.

We’ve used www.localeapp.com at my last company (employed) and it worked well. They provide the interface to translate it, and a separate translation service which was reasonably priced. The translation service wasn’t great, but I think the issue is that some things don’t translate well without context. E.g. Spanish has different words for search, as in searching a website and being searched at airport security. Without seeing the usage of the phrase in the application, it is hard to know which translation is correct.