I wrote a book! For Brown Computer Science Students (& others)

Wrote my second book, for sale for $19.


I’ll let you look at my other sites and see how it all fits together :slight_smile:


* Funnily enough, both of these were written using only “fun” energy—ZERO “grind” energy was used in the writing of these.

@dtrejo Congratulations!

I’m currently in the process of writing a book called Angular for Rails Developers which comes out August 30th. I’m always interested in talking with other authors.

I just finished reading a really helpful book called Your First 1000 Copies. I actually don’t think I learned anything new from reading the book but it was helpful because it reassured me that the tactics I suspected to be effective were in fact effective. (I’ve also witnessed firsthand that the tactics in the book are effective because I put most of them in place before having read the book.)

How are sales so far? Are you building an email list?

250+ downloads (not sales, but I’m okay with that). 1 sale :slight_smile:

I am building an email list (430+ so far).

I am building a personal relationship with each of my readers. The book is both my way to give back to aspiring software engineers, and also lead-gen for me (potential candidates, referrers, and future CTOs). It’s completely possible that in 1-2 years there will be waves of Brown Computer Science software engineers who learned how to negotiate from me and hold me fondly in their hearts, because I made them $10,000s.

What’re you trying to do with your book?


How are you building the list? I didn’t see any kind of opt-in or anything on your sites but maybe I just didn’t look hard enough.

My book is rung #2 on a product ladder I’m building. It goes:

  • $0: Angular for Rails Developers email mini-course (exists)
  • $49: Angular for Rails Developers book (being released 8/30)
  • $199: Angular for Rails Developers 101 (4-week course, being released 8/30)
  • $499+: Other courses, TBD

Anyone who buys my book goes on the list. Anyone who I give it to for free goes on my list. So, between those, that’s how I’ve built the list. I’m writing for an audience in the brown computer science facebook group (1500 people).

Sounds like a good product ladder!

Eventually I’ll properly set up drip, etc. But for now, when I can go straight to the watering holes, I’m doing what’s easy. Sales of the book are not the most important to me—what matters is where the book can take readers, and me along with it.