I wish I found this place years ago!

Hi, this is Ramin, from Cambridge, England. It’s so good to see a place virtually dedicated to the thing you are really passionate about - starting up a [software] company!

What do I do?
I help tech and software startups (of 1 to 9 people) offload their customer support (and bug fixing) - specially if it’s a cross platform or web based [GUI] application.

Who am I: Worked in games, in microchip/semi, film/vfx… helped others become millionaires three times, like everyone here been trying for financial independence on and off (e.g. udemy dot com/starting-up , visualSilicon , or sourceCREATOR dot io or lookup Mosaic3DX and CambridgeGameCreators…) none of which have been much of a break through.

I am a diver, was born in the mid-east, am a good cook and I’ll tell you my favourite drink only at a real bar haha

Why am I here?
Networking, Learning, Making Good Friends, and maybe even finding a Co-Founder - who knows.


Welcome Ramin! Got a website where people can find out more about you?

Personal website, no, but maybe I should. I am easy to find on LinkedIn.

And the “customer support and bug fixing” service I mentioned is too new to have a site yet (I was pointed at this forum talking about it to one of your old timers :slight_smile: ).

Old timer? :grinning:

I was trying to keep his name a secret but you may have just given it away @Andy :joy:

Not sure why I started using that phrase recently. It’s the second time this year and it has the same reaction. It’s not a bad one though, is it? From the dictionary: “ a very experienced or long-serving person“.

Being a real ISV for 10+ years does certainly qualify :slight_smile:

I just found out about Bootstrapped today too, it’s hard to find such community that’s focused on constructive discussions than self promotion. Happy to be here!


I guess being 54 years old and running a solo mISV since 2005 does qualify me as an ‘old timer’.

I have a t-shirt with a picture of a dinosaur captioned “No I am not creating a web app”. ;0)


Happy to be here!

Nice to have you here.

We try to remove posts quickly from newly signed-up users that are self promotion, especially those that are not offering anything of value to bootstrappers. It is mostly automated, and hopefully most site members never even notice this happening.