I wanted to share my new (free) website template that I made specifically for Startups & SaaS applications

Hey guys,

I have just launched a free Bootstrap theme specifically designed for Startups, small businesses & SaaS applications called StartKit.

I thought some of you might find this useful for your startup website.

Demo & Details - authenticpixels.com/product/startkit-responsive-startup-business-template
(Sorry, can’t post the link here because I am a new user. You’ll have to copy paste this :frowning: )

StartKit is responsive, fully-AJAX (with smooth page transitions) and has 25+ pages - pretty much everything you need to launch your startup/product website.

You can use the free version for your personal/commercial projects without any attribution. If you want to customize this template, you can take a look at the Premium version ($15) which will give you access to the following -

  • Complete, well-organized & modular SCSS code base
  • Nunjucks based templating (no need to copy changes across multiple HTML files)
  • Modern tooling & workflow (automatically concatenate and minify CSS, JS, HTML + Live preview of your changes)
  • Pre-built integrations with Ruby on Rails and Node.js

Again, you do not need to pay for this at all if you don’t need the above features. Go ahead, download it for free and use it in your projects!

Let me know if you find it useful!

I think it looks good. One big problem I have with a lot of these prebuilt templates is they look good but seem to include every jquery widget under the sun. To untangle the mess and make the template lighter is a pain.

Clickable: http://authenticpixels.com/product/startkit-responsive-startup-business-template

Hmm, you are right, this does include a few plugins (lightbox, masonry, slick slider & countUp). But removing those should not be very difficult. They are all included separately in the layout file and referenced once in the main.js file.

ooohhhh. You are assuming a) We know Javascript b) We care!

Otherwise, looks good.