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I think one of my post was deleted, how can I tell?


I can’t find a post I made early today. If it was deleted how can I find out? As well as the reason for it deletion. I read FAQ and pretty sure I didn’t break any of those rules.

Sorry if this personal thing, but I can’t PM anyone.

Thank you.



I deleted your post. Your account has no name associated with it, your links had utm variables for tracking. Overall it seemed like a spam post.

If you’d like to create another account under your real name and post a proper introduction to yourself that would be fine.


I am sorry if my post seemed like spam. As I said I read the FAQ and it has nothing against not using my real name or using google analytics variables. Did I miss something can you please point that out to me in the rules?

Thank you.

If I can’t post under my pesudo-anonymous name, can my account be deleted as I didn’t see this option in my preferences. Sadly when working with a crypto-currencies many people are out to get you, and real names can’t be used in public places, but just to let you know we are still bootstrapping and entrepreneurs like yourselves. I hope you embraces us in a later date :smiley:

Thank you again for a nice forum, I will be going back to lurking.


Well, honestly we hadn’t considered anonymous crypto-currency requirements.

Sorry for the confusion. I’ll leave your stuff up, perhaps sometimes when it’s safe you can edit your account to your real name.


I am glad you are embracing the crypto-currency area of the bootstrap entrepreneurs. I would ask you for bitcoin address to send you a tip but I doubt you have one :frowning: Instead if you ever want to learn about bitcoins and how it probably can cut some of your margins in half I be more than happy to share my knowledge with you :smile: