I plan to launch my first mobile app in July. What should I prepare for it?

Habitify is first app of our team (with 3 members). It is a habit tracking app for iOS, focuses on getting motivated for you. The app encourages you timely by supportive notifications, recognizes your effort with evaluating-system and rewards you by cool badges. Especially, the more streaks you get, the more points you earn. Habitify will convert your points into cash and donate to charity organization.

We will release this app in July and now have to prepare for launching. I have no exp because it is our first app. Please give me some advices.

For more detail about our app, please check: habitify.co (sorry, I cant insert direct link due to new user)

A few questions:

  • Will you be charging money for it? If not, then how do you plan on sustaining it?
  • Do you have a marketing plan?
  • Have you prepared to field customer support requests?
  • Our app has premium version for charging money.
  • I have made mkt plan, but it’s first time I do it, then dont know anymore.
    Our budget is limited, then I want to try free channels first. Do you have any advise for me?

The apps looks cool. Although, I stopped using productivity apps a while back but I think there are lots of ways productivity apps can be made and each can suite a different group of people.

I would advice to get the landing page redone with help from someone who has good copywriting skills. There are a lot of grammatical mistakes there. The design is pretty but I guess you should tell more about the app’s workflow and how it helps productivity.

Thank you in advance.

How much are you intending on charging for the premium version?

Try to find your first 10 customers that will pay for the premium version. Get them to pay you and make sure you determine how they are using the app and whether they feel the value is there, then focus on updating your marketing message to show that value.

Regarding marketing, it’s such a broad question and I know nothing about what you already have. Do you already have an audience interested in motivation techniques? If so, market to them first. If not, then you may have to find places where your customers already discuss motivation and their need for something to help them get more motivated.

Best of luck!

Premium version costs 3-4$, Is it expensive for habit tracker app?
Thank you for guiding me how to find first customers and understand the value of this app bring for them. I’ve read topics on Reddit and Quora, hope to get more insights.