I’ll give you a job and help you launch your first product

Hey folks, trying out a new hiring strategy. In an effort to convince “A players” (a term I’ve just learned from the excellent book “Who: The A Method for Hiring”) to quit their current full-time jobs and join me, I’ve written a blog post describing why it’s likely hard to start a product business at their current full-time job and why taking a full-time job with me is a much better path. Basically I’m trying to appeal to talented developers who also have ambitions to start their own product business.

Give it a read and let me know what you think. I’m very interested to get feedback from you folks about this strategy as I’m sure many of you have also faced the challenge of finding and hiring A players.


Sounds interesting! I want to read it, but the click-thru link is failing for some reason.

Sorry, fixed. I always forget this editor doesn’t do Markdown.

As a dev who works a full-time corporate job and tries (not successfully enough) to peddle his software of the side, I would say I’m intrigued.

If I was younger and didn’t have a family to support, I would apply just to see how it would go. I think the only question for me would have been would I be too gone each day deving on your products to want to then spend hours more deving on mine. Of course, that’s what I do now - so maybe not…

You also didn’t specify what part-time means. You might also want to spin it into a way for them to keep their current fulltime job while they feel your side out.

P.S. Your choice of Lego graphic is spot on.

Brad - I think you’re providing a great opportunity for someone with development chops, who’s interested in learning the ropes of business & product development. It’s hard to overstate the value of having good mentors. A job that gives you a little extra time in your week, pays a reasonable wage, and immerses you in a learning environment on a weekly basis sounds just about perfect.

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Very well written! Seems like a great plan to me. I’m more of a business person ie. I develop ideas, not code. So I’m happy to provide feedback on that front, but I’m useless to you as a programmer.

PS - Loved Halifax. Drop me a line if you get out to BC.