I just launched our security monitor startup

It’s been some exciting months, but I’m very proud to finally show the product a few friends and I have been working on for some time. We built a security monitor that daily checks your server’s software packages and informs you from the moment they become outdated (we also provide guides on how to upgrade / update your server software in order to remain safe).

Too many servers run on outdated and exploitable software packages, let’s change that!

It’s a pitty I can’t show links as a new user, but if you want, you can Google “PatrolServer” (dot) com if you are interested in testing us out! :slight_smile:

That seems so exciting. Congratulations for your new approach

Nice…I’d test it out on my own servers, if I didn’t need to sign up for a free account first.

Are visitors tending to create an account? Or are you getting many visitors leave without signing in?

BTW: error in your pricing page copy: “Believe it or not, we got a free plan!” -> “Believe it or not, we’ve got a free plan!”

The file based verification enforces www prefix on domains - and then doesn’t follow redirects. It should follow redirects or allow you to provide a domain without www prefix.

Hey, between 7 and 10% of our daily visitors creates an account, which is pretty neat I believe. A user has to verify his server first, in order to gain results (we don’t want people scanning everything), that’s the main reason why an account is mandatory.

Thank you for noticing the typo, we have changed it to “Believe it or not, we have a free plan”.

I’ll take a look at the redirects. About the “www” prefix, we are very strict about server verification as it could be masked as a subdomain too.