I built termrr to see Stripe MRR in terminal

Hi everyone,

We’ve launched our v2 last week on ProductHunt and I wanted a quick answer to the question what’s our MRR, being visually impared, command-line tool for me is extremely faster than using a mouse.

This is a sample of the output it generates:

$> ./termrr -key sk_test_32ajah7QA-not-a-real-key
MRR is  425.00
Month over month stats
2017-05 New customers: 1 MRR: 25.00
2017-04 New customers: 1 MRR: 50.00
2017-03 New customers: 1 MRR: 55.00
2017-02 New customers: 2 MRR: 80.00
2017-01 New customers: 1 MRR: 95.00
2016-12 New customers: 2 MRR: 120.00

I’ve written a small article that explains why I built it. Here’s the GitHub repo if you want to try this out.

If you’re not using a Stripe analytics tool (even if you do), I think the month of month stats is interesting.

Feedback and share are always appreciated :slight_smile:
Thank you

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Ha great idea :slight_smile: I think that’s exactly the kind of thing where golang excels

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Thanks, I’m really enjoying Go :slight_smile:

it’s a great language. And I guess if you like to build web apps with more low level APIs or in the style of Flask/Express/Sinatra etc. then you are going to be very happy with it. But to sketch out ideas Rails/Phoenix is better suited :wink: