I Built Something Awesome... WIth No Commercial Application

Hey y’all, need some help here.

A while back, I built http://printshop.io to leverage a cool physical world API over at http://theprintful.com. Thing is… nobody ever buys anything. Lots of pinterest action, some etsy and website views, but so few sales. It’s been up over 2 years now.

My question is, what could I use the tech for in a business application? Anything? Or should I just shut it down?

The nearest Add to Cart button was well below the fold. I wasn’t even sure you sell anything. That may explain the shortage of sales.

Also, I have lost in your cool-looking navigation. :frowning: The top stripe with the examples is especially annoying – it shows parts of the designs on top and bottom, so it feels like I can scroll it (but I cannot). In gallery the Order By is always “Newest” - why make it look like a button if it is not a button? In short, the UX is suboptimal.

If I want to find something how can I? There is no search…

Just my random notes.

The competitors sites look simpler, but so much more efficient in dragging me to the buy button.

Well trying to customize anything took forever to re-preview for me and one time appears to have not worked at all. I’m sure most people just leave. Something like that probably needs to be instant.

Though, that’s probably just secondary. Are you really pushing this thing or it’s just a cool thing you built? Because cool things you build but which don’t have a way to gain traction on their own and which you aren’t marketing don’t go anywhere.

Also, generally businesses built on top of other businesses are tricky. There can’t be much margin on any of this, so you really would have to sell a heck of a lot of tshirts to make any money at all.

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My first impression when I landed on your page is that it’s something like Canva (Obviously it’s not) I’d state what you’re selling very clearly in the headline. Something Dr. Flint from Marketing Experiments said: “Clarity trumps persuasion.”