I built a SaaS Website Builder - would you like to evaluate for free?

Hello Everyone, I just built SaaSBox and looking for early adopters to try it out. Using SaaSBox you can create an online subscription business using Stripe. SaaSBox handles:

  • User login, sign up, user management
  • Stripe plan creation and management. Your pricing page updates dynamically when you fill out a form - handy if you frequently change prices/features.
  • Sell digital products (e-book and so on while you figure out the subscription business, here is an article by Amy Hoy for why you might want to do that)
  • The frontend html template feature might be interesting. You can switch between site appearances, or share yours with community, and use other’s designs. There is a growing list of sample templates.
  • Create landing & other pages filling out forms.
  • Use your own domain with HTTPS.
  • A free blog which is a serious blog solution.

It is a no-code tool made for simplifying all the generics of running a SaaS business. Right now it is free and I am looking for beta users.

If you try it out I will incorporate new features based on your feedback. Let me know what you think!

Bahadir Balban

Founder, SaaSBox

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If I understand correctly, this requires NodeJS?

If so, that should definitely be in your landing page headline.

First, it saves pointless enquiries from Java developers like myself. That means less support work for you.

Second, it helps people using NodeJS to find you and to know they are in the right place. Oh, and Google will more likely send the right people to you.

Thanks for the feedback. It started as a template for developers, and now it is fully hosted and aimed at non-programmers. I am going to reflect that in the landing page.

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Bahadir, congrats on launching and welcome to our little community here. :slight_smile:

Is this similar to Bullettrain.co but for Node?

Hi Christoph, thanks for the welcome, this is a useful community sure to grow. I especially prefer a forum with real faces to reddit, and small means more real conversations!

It started as a template similar to Bullettrain and now it is hosted. I am aiming to help non-programmers who want to start out with a Stripe subscription business with users.