I am Rich, the guy behind Failory

Hey there!

I am Rich, co-founder of Failory, a new startup where we interview failed startup owners and talk about the mistakes they committed.

I am from Argentina, the reason why my English is not so good. But I will still put all my efforts to make new friends :slight_smile:

If you have any questions or want to give me some feedback, please reply below!


Hey, Rich. This made my day.

I can understand a reason to interview people who failed, learned on their own mistakes, and then succeeded. But what purpose interviewing just the failed ones has? Do they know why they failed? Do you know why they failed? Should we take their advice (or word for that matter) about anything that has happen to them?

Just a waste of time. Talk to homeless dudes next to subway and get as much useful information (or even more - homeless at least are farther from most of delusions already).

Failory is a community where failed startup owners come to tell their failure stories

That’s just plain effing depressing. Do they at least start drinking strong alcohol? I can’t imagine remain sober and sane in such a community.

I think it is cool thing, because of Survivor’s bias

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In this case, the problem is not the bias. The problem is - do those people have anything useful to say? They have failed, alright. But do they understand now why did they fail? And if they think they understand, are they right in their understanding, or their understanding is as faulty as their former actions?

In short - there would be a very little signal to noise ratio, and what’s worse - you cannot reliably tell signal from noise.

Hey there. Plase read some interviews and you will realize that all the people are now successful with their new startup. They have achieved a conclusion on why did they fail and through their lessons, they are now succesful.

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I did not notice such a statement in your original post, nor in the internet cache of your site (the site seemed down at the time).

However, now I scanned a few of interviews. I do not see them achieved success. Yes, all of them are working on something new, but most of the new startups has questionable chances for success IMHO.

So did they learn from their mistakes? Maybe yes, maybe no - but it is too early to tell, and so too early to learn from them, that’s for sure.

"A wise man learns from the failures of others"

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the article. I will now take it a look!

The same could be said about a site dedicated to startup success stories. There are so many factors involved in the success of a startup, like being at the right “place” at the right time with the right friends and the right experience.
Obviously, successful startups share some common pedigree, and that’s where the value lies for the observer. However, the same is true for failed startups. And that’s why I think it makes total sense to have such a site. It is not the single interview with a failed founder but the patterns you discover when you read yourself through many of them.