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HTML, EPUB, MOBI, PDF, WTF - creating an ebook


I wrote up my notes about creating ebooks in the various formats, partly so I remember and partly because it saves someone else figuring this all out!


Thanks for this writeup! I’m actually going through this process now, so this is very timely.

I just bought your book last night. Looking forward to digging in… :wink:


The evolving standards, procedures, etc. of ebook creation seem like a great topic to build a thriving community around, if one doesn’t exist already. Such a group would probably be a high value audience for ads and services.


One thing you didn’t mention was Sigil: if you’re going to work on ePubs directly, that’s probably the best tool around.

And, for those who just want to get something up on Amazon from their Word file, there’s LiberWriter :slight_smile: http://www.liberwriter.com