Howdy. I'm Chris from Indiana

Some of you might know me best as the sloppy first-draft note taker from MicroConf 2014.

I’ve been trying to break free from day jobs (three of them in this span) for more than three years now.

I had a SaaS photo submission management application ( I shuttered very recently that comprises the majority of that time. In its lifetime, it had a shade more than $1,000 in revenue all-up and a total of five paying customers (not all at the same time).

Now, I’m circling around the developer hiring space, trying to find the right pain point to address.

I wrote more about this just today:

If you hire developers (especially full-time), I’d love to chat with you and see where I can help.

That sounds interesting Chris.

I too have thought about this problem- hiring developers is very hard. But like you say in your blog, the field is too big and diverse. Which is why when companies try to outsource their hiring part, they end up with an online test that tests your trivia (How does the C99 implementation of function Foo() differ from the C89 is an actual question I got. To which the only possible answer is “How the bleep should I know? I ain’t Google.”)

Anyway, welcome.

Hey there Chris, nice to see you here! Can’t believe we missed each other at Re:build, but looking forward to chatting more here in the forums.

Hey Chris, I just joined here and was pleased to see a fellow Hoosier.

@danh Likewise! Surprised we haven’t run into each other before.