How would you test an idea?

Hey guys,

I (Vladi, I am a software dev) want to build an app for makers of digital products (apps, courses, ebooks and more), that will help you to find marketing channels for your product and to get the best results, with crazy Big Data and Machine Learning stuff :slight_smile:

But before I will start to build, I would like to know if it makes sense to invest my time.

So, how would you test the idea? Is maybe even here someone interested?

How many makers do you know? Is this a perceived need or something that came from those maker conversations?

I would try to talk to a few makers in the segments you want to target and ask them what problems they have with their marketing channels…


I’m ready, is this some kind of magic? Machine Learning and I do not need to look for how to advertise, find a profitable CPC or look for new channels?

Sorry for the joke, for me it’s a real pain …

Really sounds interesting, but what do you mean?

Well, we just used the Product Hunt Ship service. It lets you put an idea up and get validation from sign ups. I literally just wrote about it here and have to say if you are looking for a tech savvy audience it’s a pretty cost effective way of quickly validating demand.

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Well, no. It will not advertise for you. It will just show you the right free and paid channels where you can promote your product and will recommend you later how to do so. Also, it will recommend you the beste target groups for your product and also recommend what markets you should go next. But all that late.

How it works, is basically by getting as much data as possible form scrapping, api’s and so on and then bringing structure in that data with machine learning. But of course, is the technical aspect very complicated.

So, I have build a small landing page for all interested people.

If you are interested and subscribe to the waiting list, you’ll receive a detailed report of one marketing channel with the best practices every week, as to say thank you.

I might be mis-understanding the product, but…

if I’m not, then you want people to pay you for advice that might or might not result in more sales.

That’s going to be hard to sell.

It doesn’t help that your target audience doesn’t make much money (ebooks/courses, with few exceptions, don’t bring much revenue) and the risk is that they pay you and get nothing out of it.

If you’re confident that your advice would lead to higher sales, go into affiliate business.

Don’t tell people how to market and sell their stuff better, market and sell it for them and get a cut for every sale.

That’s much better revenue source than selling the advice once. You would capture much more of the generated upside.

It’s also zero risk to content makers as they only pay you if they also get paid.


absolutely agree with you, people (and I including) are willing to pay for the result

I will pay for the result, even right now