How would you monetize a MMO browser based game?

I’m in the process of building a game that I have received really good feedback on so I’m going to build it.

Does anyone have experience monetizing a browser based game?

Features mine will have:

  • 10 or so guns
  • Realtime multiplayer
  • Custom drawn levels
  • Multiple characters

I was thinking I would allow free players one or two guns and one character.
After you pay $10 or w/e you get access to everything.

Do you know of anyone who has managed to charge for such a game?

Even Minecraft was free till they got to huge numbers, I THINK.
Seems like a very competitive business.

(Not to rain on your excitement and all. But I think it’s good to be realistic)

Maybe very very early but they started charging fairly early on.

I asked A LOT of people about this before engaging it’s development and this is the most well received thing I have worked on. I plan on working on this for a long time.

The only other thing I can think of is runescape. I plan on making the alpha and beta versions free or at least prepaid at a discount.

That’s “in game purchases” model that seems working very well for most modern games. So I’d say it is a way to go.

I would only not called players “free vs paid”, but “players vs premium players”. Somehow it feels to me that a new joining users would feel a pressure that they have to upgrade to paid to have the full fun from the game if you called them “free”. I believe your retention number could be slightly better if you have “players” and “premium players”. That also confirmed by the games I see my kids are played.

The extra characters/guns should then be significantly better than the normal ones.

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