How we Bootstrapped our SaaS Startup to Ramen Profitability

Hi, I just published our story about how we bootstrapped our startup to ramen profitability. It isn’t just generic advice, but how we got here and what we learned. I thought it’d be useful/interesting to pretty much everyone here. Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:


Really good content — thanks for writing and sharing this Andrew! :grinning:

I had a look at your site but I don’t see a demo option. It is not very clear what the product is.

Well, it is a customer feedback tool. However, the landing page gives me no answer to the question how it solves the problem Andrew himself outlined in the blog post - “It’s just that feedback is a mess”. How Canny reduces the mess?

P.S. Congrats, Andrew. Spain must be nice to live in, eh? But try not to make any babies, or your ramen-profitable would turn into ramen-starvation.

I read this post a few days ago, and respect to what you’ve been doing. Love the simplicity of Canny as well.

One quick question, it is easy for bootstrappers to make decisions on their own. This allows them to diversify their revenue sources with different ideas that they have the power to build. Have you thought of diversifying your revenue source other than investing in stocks?

I’m talking about a new product that could be a good revenue source for you.

Hey! So you’re talking about starting multiple projects rather than just doing one? It’s definitely interesting, but we see huge potential in Canny and are gonna be 100% focused on it for a long time.

Our biz doesn’t get any revenue from investing in stocks. I do personally, but don’t really have time to think about making money. Too busy with the startup. Stocks are nice since you can just let it sit and (hopefully) grow. Tech’s been on a hell of a bull run for the past 6 years.

Thanks for the feedback, guys! We added some content to our landing page to make it clearer. We’re also working on a video. Cheers. :slight_smile:

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Understood. Thanks for explaining this out to me. :+1:

This was an awesome read, again validating that overnight success is not a thing!

ps. can you please give me the contact details of your designer!? @a13n

She’s also my co-founder, not for hire. :stuck_out_tongue: