How to structure Triggered Email Campaign to Qualify leads

My goal for the next few months it to qualify leads and then give tours for those leads.

I’m using Active Campaign (which I’m loving) it (and Drip) allow you to TRIGGER emails based on behavior (click link, open email, visit page, etc.) it also includes logic like If they don’t open email in 5 days, resend it at a 9am their time).

So, I’ve got a series of lead qualification questions and I’m constructing the logic.

I’m thinking the best way to do it is two parallel automations:

  1. The Course they are taking (and I may end up with more than one Course). We can ask them the lead questions in there (if they haven’t already answered)
  2. Logic to Qualify the lead. Basically a bunch of IF THEN logic.

The logic for ASKING the question gets a little complex, b/c I send the email again if they don’t open it. And if they open but don’t answer, I wait even longer.

Any suggestions?