How to structure an affiliate marketing deal?

I’m currently approaching a number of companies about creating an affiliate relationship. Most of these companies have no existing affiliate programs. Essentially I would be selling these potential partners internet traffic, targeted leads, direct calls, etc.

I’m wondering…

  1. Is there an existing platform where I can manage these accounts and all the billing?
  2. What kind of payment terms are typical? (net terms, payment method)
  3. Best way to structure these types of partnerships?
  4. Any common pitfalls or issues you guys have experienced when structuring affiliate deals?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

There are a lot of applications that affiliates can use to track conversions. I’ve worked with and I know it’s popular with affiliate networks and advertisers running affiliate programs.

Unfortunately I have an NDA in place so I’m not comfortable answering the rest. If you don’t have much experience as an affiliate then I’d strongly recommend joining an affiliate network to get some experience before you start approaching clients directly.