How to sell more software


I wrote the article I think may be useful for bootstrapped community: “10 ways to increase website conversion or how to sell more software”. Hope you like it.

The article is written on Russian initially and then translated to English. So I have question to native English speakers: how well it is translated? Is this enough level of language to post similar articles in our blog, or language sounds funny sometime and we need to do additional proofreading?

Just a quick read of the opening paragraph and a few samples here and there.
(This content is stuff I already know).
It does not sound odd as if it were translated poorly.

Looks accurate. It’s a little bit “like an engineer” would say it. So it’s sort of factual and to-the-point, but doesn’t “flow” as well as really good writing. So it’s a fine translation.

BTW, if you’re going to translate, perhaps having an overview where you just give the bullet points, so the text doesn’t need to be a “nicely written narrative” it’s just a bunch of bullet points.

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