How to properly calculate landing page sign-up rates?

I’m using Google Analytics on my landing page. I’m trying to calculate our sign-up rate (sign-ups to the number of visitors). The only thing is we get a lot of visits to the landing page from existing customers who are logging in. It seems like my sign-up rate calculations should exclude visits from existing customers logging in.

If a user signed up within a particular month or visited without signing up or logging in, we should probably count them in the visitor denominator of our sign-up rate calculation. If all they’ve done is log in, we should exclude them from the visitor denominator.

How have you calculated your sign-up rates? How have you excluded visits from existing customers?

Thanks in advance!

I think they give you the number of new visits as well as total views. That would probably be a better number to use for calculating your signup rate.

Ahh gotcha, thanks. You’re suggesting using New Visitors to calculate sign-up rates, correct?

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. Let us know what kind of signup rate you’re getting.

Thanks Hao!

I tried using New Visitors the other day and realized there’s a small issue there that assumes most sign-ups come from new visitors. I dug into our GA and found around 5% of sign-ups came from returning visitors. Returning visitors can also be “double-counted” if they’re new and returned for the month.

I think New Visitors is probably my best bet though.