How to get clients after getting providers in a marketplace?

Hi, my name is Arhaan, I’m the co-founder of 909 Music.

909 Music is a royalty-free music marketplace. We have 600+ music composers who provide high quality music for video projects, films, commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, games, apps, jingles etc

Every marketplace has the problem, do we start with providers or clients?

We worked really hard for 6 months generating providers(music composers) and we have a large music database of over 15,000 tracks.

Now the problem we are facing is how to get clients/buyers(video producers) to use the platform and actively post music requests in the marketplace.

We have a good conversion rate but how do we approach more video producers and youtubers to visit our site?

Nice site. Did not see a way for users to sample the music before buying. You need to have a way to create incentives for video producers…some sort of commission maybe? Your first and obvious method of attack should be to bring your marketplace to all video producers: tweets, guest blogging, email blast, FB ads, etc.
Good luck

Have you tried some sort of partnership with companies that sell software for creating videos/animations? E.g. people like Maybe you could offer them some sort of affiliate arrangement?

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Hi Arhaan,

Lean Analytics, Chapter 10, is about this:

They recommended almost always starting with finding people who have the money, and artificially seeding the market on the other side. (so, for example, if you were starting eBay, you could buy inventory yourself, to sell, and then focus on finding buyers)

Your question was posted a month ago. Any luck finding out how to reach buyers?