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How to collect great amount of feedbacks?


Hi to all, my name is Iggy I am in charge of new SaaS product for Cold email outreach (Remail).

I thought you can understand with what I am struggling now. Small product, just baby born, but with huge ambitions and as any parent consider he is the best.

But still my colleagues put me down on earth with shouts “Oh, come on. There are bunch of such tools. Don’t think it’s special, just ask common users.”

And here I am - asking for help. Do you have some spare time or can you test it for free - just to give me honest opinion, to hear your feedback?

This is a tool for cold email outreach. Not for mass emailing. You can use it for Outbound Sales, Inbound Sales, Account Management, HR & Recruiting, Business Development, Fundraising, PR Outreach, Email Marketing. And I believe it has a lot of features but I need fair criticism.

I await your harsh words.


Is it ?

You wrote some 5 paragraph, and yet failed (sorry!) to explain what your software does. And to repel your colleagues you need to be able to explain what the software does and what’s its unique angle - in clear, succinct, terms.


no, no, it’s ok. I really appreciate your answer.
Automate and personalize cold email campaigns
Execute outreach and follow-up using email
We tried to build it as simple, usable and cheap tool. (Tags, custom filters and complicated filters, A/B/C testing, team members, up to 3 email accounts with custom settings for 1800 emails per day)
Need feedback in general. are you satisfied or is there something missing? (For small business, startups, maybe middle business too)


Honestly. I would say F**K feedback, you will always hear unsubstantiated opinions. " Yer this product is nice"…"I don’t see how this will work " Blah blah blah so on and so on…Bunch of rubbish / cheap / opinions everyone and his dogs will give.

The best feedback and the best product market fit is when you are helping your customers relieving their wallets with their money.

Pick up the phone, go knock on doors, or throw someone under the bus, it does not matter get your product into your target market / customers hand.

If they love it, they will buy it…It’s really that simple… If your product is useless you will know. Take it from a guy who made thousand of cold call…Knock on numerous doors to get businesses…


Thank you, I will consider your advice.


Us developers are quick to put down ideas with “oh that’s already been done” or “why would anyone pay for that? You can already build such a system yourself quite trivially by getting an FTP account, mounting it locally with curlftpfs, and then using SVN or CVS on the mounted filesystem.”

The reality is just about any software product you can make into a successful business has been done many times. Nevertheless it is still possible to launch something into a crowded market. One way to do this is to concentrate on one industry or niche. Instead of a tool of for cold email outreach, make the tool for cold email outreach just for accountants, or just for engineers, or doctors. Or for your country/language.

It is nice that you are asking for our feedback. But better would be to find the place where your target market is, and ask them for feedback. Ask them how they are currently doing cold email outreach. Ask them what’s wrong with their current tool. This is not much fun for many of us to do, but it is essential to understand what your product should do and how you should market it.


As I see our prospects are beginners, start ups, small and somewhere middle business. I am knocking on different platforms for SaaS, groups on Social media, but not so many feedbacks.
I asked here - cause I thought I can receive a proper estimation (independent opinion).


Can you provide the URL?


I am a new user - can’t put a link((
just write

(Moderator edit: I’ve made the link clickable. @iggy, you should now be able to enter links)


Here’s my 15 minutes impression:

I feel that “Automate and personalize cold email campaigns” should be a static, in-large-letters H1 on the page, and not that slooooooowly appearing, having no specific meaning wording “Get more replies”.

Next thing I’d want to know is: isn’t cold email is also known as spam? You probably need to explain the difference.

Grey on white is hard to read. And the font in general is too small, methinks. As well as the screenshot above the fold - it is too dense to make any sense of it.

I couldn’t figure what the header “What’s Special?” means. What special with what?

" Automate outbound campaigns at scale and provide a better practice to your prospects." - OK, I maybe understand what automating a campaign means, but I have no idea what is “providing a better practice”. Why everything sounds so complicated? Is it for enterprise only?

Same for “Finding of great practices and cloning”. I only understood it after I read the next paragraph.

And here you just plain scared the shit out of me:

Remail leads to smart & easy selling based on a simple reply to the email. It’s a hacker in email marketing.

Hacker? Imouttahere!

So - the app looks good enough (I did not try it because I do not have enough leads to cold email, but if I had it could be one of the contenders, I think). But the wording on the site needs a serious redoing, IMHO.

The design is OK, but too small and the colours (mentioned grey on white) make it harder to read, too.

P.S. Are there really 9 people as the site states?


Cool, thank you for such detailed opinion. I can improve it, now I see those mistakes. Can I offer you an ltd or full access for some time as a thanks?