How to build a SaaS company brand?

As a bootstrapped company how would you go to brand your identity. To create a word of mouth and generate demand. You all know that bootstrapped businesses invest what they earn to grow step by step. So, when there is less money to spend on branding activity, what are some good way that a SaaS startup can make an impact?

Are there any good examples to look at? Please share your ideas :slightly_smiling:

Eric sink has written a great article on how to get people talking about your product It builds upon one of his other posts – Marketing is not a post processing step

The gist of his advice in the two articles is

  1. Product building should be seen as a strategic marketing exercise. When you are building something the features that you chose to build must help you in the communications phase of your marketing.
  2. If you have done well in step 1 you will be able to clearly identify who your customer is. Which will make communication of your business easier. The idea is if you have built something people like you can ask them to tell their friends about it and they’d do so willingly.

It looks so easy when he says it but is quite hard!