How much traffic for a SAAS targeting a specific niche market

How much traffic a month should a SAAS targeting a specific niche market be getting to get meaningful feedback and do CRO? Thing is, I feel as though it shouldn’t get too much traffic, until the SAAS is ready, as I feel as the potential customers that leave, it’s hard to bring them back. I want to capitalize as much on the traffic right now though, but it seems as when I email customers that have signed up for a trial, there is no response. It seems as though many of the customers are not serious or just trying to kick the tires?

I’m assuming your developer. If so, consider this a debugging problem. You’ve got a symptom (customers don’t engage). Now you have to find the cause.

Do you know if the issue is that they are they don’t NEED what you have, they have the need but don’t understand what you can do for them (or your price is more than the perceived value)

Have you tried to qualify the traffic?
I.e., figure out whether they have a NEED (or pain) for your SaaS.

E.g., I do consulting on Funnel and CRO optimization. My question would be "how much a visitor worth in these steps of your funnel:

  1. Lands on home page
  2. Clicks the trial button
  3. Starts a free trial
  4. Converts to paying customer.
  5. Using Paid search? How much are you paying per visitor?
    And an option for each that is “I don’t know” and maybe " I don’t know, but would like to know".

If a customer answers “I don’t know” for all 4, then the _ probably_ aren’t a good prospect. They don’t even know what a customer is worth to them.

If The customer answers $1, $5, $20, $500, $5 then it tells me they are serious and I could probably help them, and they are overpaying for Adwords visitors :slight_smile:
If I tell them I could build a funnel, email course, and content that would generate targeted traffic for $3 a click and they only pay for the first year (and after that the traffic is free) and they still aren’t interested then perhaps the issue is that they don’t believe I can deliver, or I"m not communicating the value proposition.


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Thanks Clay! But do you think 100-200 uniques per month is a large enough sample set to debug this problem?

Is that 100-200 unique new visitors to your landing page?

That probably is going to take months (or a very statistically significant response) but I think it’s worth an hour or so modifying your home page to ask a very simple question to qualify the traffic. ( if it does take months then better to start something ASAP) :
You haven’t said what the niche is,so you’d need to use your knowledge of that niche to come up with Qualifier questions:

(for my CRO service) : What is your biggest pain?

  • I need to optimize [ choose Funnel step]

  • Not sure what part of my funnel to work on

  • I want to understand my funnel better.

  • I need more traffic to my website(1) > leads to How much is traffic worth to you? (or how much do you pay for Adwords clicks)

    (1) That’s a red flag for me unless they actually know what their traffic is worth or what they are willing to pay. Without that additional info, it suggests they just think “more traffic” will magically convert", and it’s likely they haven’t really looked at their whole funnel.

For landing page, that’s about 50-150 uniques a month.