How much % revenue your saas pays for hosting/servers?

Just curious, which number is “normal”…

We’re at 1% or our revenue.

We’re closer to 10%. But we are much smaller than jitbit. So far… :slight_smile:

Around 1.5% here, but since it’s so low I haven’t really bothered to try optimizing things.

I’m not running a Saas, but I can assume that it heavily depends on product itself - if it requires lot of storage, lot of CPU or bandwidth (for instance if product is about permanent monitoring of customer’s servers), then hosting bill could be more significant.

We are at around 10% of revenue. Our business is infrastructure-heavy as we run a global Anycast network and thus have managed hardware, which accounts for a significant portion (50-75%) of that expense.

We’re at around 0.8% for all of our products (some SaaS, some one-time but with server components).

I will not be sharing a % of revenue, instead I will give you exact dollar amount:

  • 3 servers on low cost VPS for production - $100 / month
  • 2 mid-range instances on AWS to support development and infrastructure (build server, licence server, etc) - $150 / month
  • 4 higher-end instances on AWS in 3 regions (US East, West Europe, Pacific) for production - $1000 / month

    total - $1250 / month

2.1% spent in a mix of Azure resources and bare metal servers. If I include services that are absolutely required for our SaaS to work (twilio, transactional emails, etc.) the cost jumps to 4.5%.

We are currently at 15% of revenue, similar to @aeden we are infrastructure heavy (in the application performance monitoring space) and I hope to get down the ratio to 10% when revenue keeps increasing.