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How do you interview and hire a developer?


I saw this article today about hiring developers by Donn Felker which looks pretty interesting http://www.donnfelker.com/how-to-hire-outsourced-developers/


Oh, man. Sorry I didn’t get to this forum until now.

This question (for full-time hires) is what I’ve been circling around for close to a year now.

Couple of unmentioned-above notes:

  • I generally don’t mess with job ads, technical interviews or really interviews at all at this point.
  • The way you get around that is to not take blind applicants. Find an interesting developer to hire and follow them for a good long while. That way, when it comes time to hire, you know they already meet the technical floor and you already have a good idea of the personality.
  • So, when it comes time to hire, you’re just double-checking your earlier research.
  • Meetup.com is a great, under-used developer sourcing space (more: http://blog.chrisvannoy.com/my-secret-hiring-weapon-meetup-com/)
  • Pro tip: Developers are typically prime to find a new job at or around the three-year mark. Contact right before then if you can. Barring that, shoot for right before or right after annual review time.
  • If you are going to go the blind applicant route, make sure you follow up with all applicants and follow them afterward. The dev you reject today, might be perfect later.

I’ve got scads more than the above, but it might be easier to just ping me if anybody needs any additional insight (or, you know, pick up any of the stuff I’m writing).


That last line provoked a healthy LOL… Alas, too true. Hiring becomes almost a Zeno kind of experience when you realize that, if the candidates in front of you were any good, why aren’t they employed? The actual pool of (quality talent AND unemployed) is SO small…


We use https://www.interviewbit.com/hire/ to hire developers.

Online coding test -> onsite interview
Mostly algorithms & data structure