How do you go about finding a good accountant?

I’m moving to San Antonio in November and am going to be on the lookout for an accountant to help start an LLC of some form for future endeavors.

How have you all found an accountant to help out with this? I have no idea where to start, and definitely don’t trust Yelp as a place to find reviews for this :smiley:

Nice - SA’s a great city. I went to college down there. Check out the Japanese Tea Garden & Blue Star arts complex (I think that’s still around).

My wife and I had our accountant referred by a friend we trust, and we’ve had a good relationship so just stuck with him for 10 years. He’s fairly high up at a sizable & reputable accounting firm here in town, and he’s both patient & helpful, so we’ve always just trusted him.

Do ask people locally, as you want someone who knows the intricacies of Texas tax & business law. The Rackspace founders are in SA, and Austin with its billion or so tech companies is only about a hundred miles to the north, so you should have some excellent options.

Also check out - an SA-area entrepreneurship resource center. There are some tech people involved there, and they’ll probably have recommendations.

Thanks for the tips! I’ll check those out.

I want to try working out of as well, and hopefully meet some people there as well. I think a bunch of Rackspace people might work out of there as well.

Might want to ask @d_espi on Twitter, he lives there and is independent. Not sure if he uses a CPA or not but worth asking.