How do you estimate a fair hourly for a freelancer?

I’m developing a game and I need to hire graphics/illustration people typically at an hourly rate.

Some of the work I need done is way harder than others but Upwork (oDesk) has a hourly that is not a fair value for some of the work I need done.

How do you find an hourly that is a fair market price without lowballing the artist by accident?

@michaeljamescalkins, you can create 2 job postings, and have 2 different hourly contracts for the 2 different types of work

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To apply to the job the freelancer puts down their expected rate. You don’t get to determine it (unless you then decide to negotiate with the freelancer).

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Create different projects with different rates. This will solve your problem. Or you can work with studios, that has several designers and you will get managed team.

You also can contact us if you need something (Google IconDesignLAB)

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