How do we introduce ourselves?

Hello all!

How do we introduce ourselves? We wrote an interesting introduction (well, in our opinion) but the site didn’t let us submit it because it had links to our site.

By its nature, an introduction is somewhat self-promotional and, in our case, we don’t see how we can introduce ourselves without posting a link to our site. Our post definitely wasn’t spam and we raised issues that many don’t even think about.

Thank you in advance!

Newcomers can’t post links. You have to participate a little before it will let you post links.

Just introduce yourself without links. Or use something like site-dot-com.

Thanks for explanation, @shantnu! The topmost post under “introductions” suggested introducing ourselves before posting anything else. That’s why.

Hello @itjobs, you can also introduce yourself in your profile description

Thanks, @startrinity! Yeah, it’s possible but we wanted an “official” introduction.