How Bryan Harris Launched to $200k+ and Built His Email List

Just released today’s episode of Zero to Scale. It’s an interview we did with Bryan Harris where we discuss some great points about finding first customers, building an email list, and ultimately how he launched a product and received over $200k+ in a matter of days.

Thought this would be helpful for fellow bootstrappers!

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Hi Justin, a couple of notes on the design of the site:

  • I browse with JS disabled by default, and there’s no visible way to download the episode.
  • When viewing the site on my phone, I got about twelve words into the text when the content was completely obscured by a “sign up to our list!” box, “Powered by Drip”. Absolutely terrible UX; if I hadn’t visited the episode page from here, so I knew what I was getting in for, that would have been the end of my visit.

Hope that helps.

Hey Matt - appreciate you bringing this to my attention. Sounds like we definitely need to clean up the mobile responsiveness! :smile: