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How Atlassian does B2B sales


Here’s a short presentation by Jay Simons on how Atlassian built and scales their B2B self-service* sales process. I think a lot of us doing B2B here will find themselves in the description, but it’s great to see that it’s possible to scale this model:


*) Atlassian often points out that they don’t have sales persons, but I’m not sure how accurate this is. They do have Customer Advocates, who apparently mainly educate/support customers instead of trying to push/sell licenses. I guess it depends on your definition of sales person.


Granted, this was more than a few years back, but when I worked on Wall Street, I did hear stories about an entire team of Atlassian “customer advocates” showing up regularly at a one company or another. After a bit of time, that entire company was outfitted with Jira, Confluence, and whatever else the customer advocates “advocated”. :wink:


Ha, that’s definitely interesting to know. :smile: I also found this: https://www.atlassian.com/europe/ambassadors