How Are Sales Today?

As you may have heard on episode 63, @ian and I talked about our new application “How Are Sales Today?”.

It’s a desktop utility for Mac and PC that runs in your system tray or menu bar, and allows you to easily view your Stripe sales, refunds, basic metrics for day, month, and year, and other metrics. The application also receives live events for your SaaS app signups (if you run a SaaS), charges, refunds, etc, and shows them to you in the form of convenient desktop notifications.

All the communication is between your machine and Stripe directly, and there are no servers in the middle handling your data, so it’s a nice private alternative to some of the existing SaaS-based Stripe metrics services out there.

We’re going to be running a small beta for the application. If you’d like to participate, please sign up at

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Isn’t the text hard to be read while the background image loads? It’s a white text on a white background, maybe you can change the default background to something darker.

By the way, I ran some tests, that image needs minutes in order to load. So consider also changing your CDN.

At 4 MB, just optimize it.

Yeah, it’s just a temporary page. We had to put something up for now. It’ll be different once the product site launches. // cc @ian

Yeah this site is just highly temporary placeholder. Real site in progress.

FWIW: QI Bar is a perfectly fine name. As is “How are Sales Today?”

Do be aware though, that to Brits, QI immediately brings to mind a TV show.

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