How a fellow bootstrapper grew his business through customer support

I found this article to be a great read and inspiration - I never had a Twitter conversation like that going on and wish I had.


Hey Bootstrappers, Mike from ExpeditedSSL here - happy to answer any questions or hear any thoughts on how we could do even better with support.



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It’s a good article. Personally I don’t use Twitter for support though.

Support is an area where a microISV really has an advantage over BigCo.

Nevermind support - I’m really surprised that you aren’t doing marketing over Twitter as it would seem really ripe for that (just follow every person who lists ‘wedding planner’ in their Twitter description).

Also, to be clear, for Twitter ‘support’ usually just means being nice and then asking them to email.

Twitters seems mostly a write-only medium.

I tried some paid Twitter ads for my training course. Unimpressed with the results.

I announced a PerfectTablePlan Twitter account to 3k newsletter subscribers. 0 follows.

Auto following people in the hope they will follow you back just seems creepy.

Maybe I am just a dinosaur who doesn’t ‘get’ Twitter.

But Twitter does have its uses. I got some help with technical problem yesterday within an hour of posting it on Twitter.

YMMV obviously.

Good read/reminder. Funny, how I know having a family/friend go through my UI would insightful, but a piece of me doesn’t want to know how bad it is. :smile:

Also, love the company name “buzzwordcompliant LLC”

Methuselah. :smile:

No ads. Twitter is social. Think mini-blog plus . . . this site, really. Interactive.

(It sounds like you’re doing more than fine without, just saying: it’s there, and waiting!)

Ya I see the power of twitter being in building relationships. I’ve met a ton of awesome people essentially via twitter.