Hosting EXE file for download

I have a chrome based browser that I will be selling. We are just entering into a closed beta and for that I can just send a link to my exe in google drive. The problem is the DL speed is really slow and I don’t think its going to be the best solution for dling from the website. Any recommendations on a service or vendor I could use. Right now we are using webflow and I cannot load an exe in their tool.

I use Google Cloud Storage - exceptionally fast.

If speed is that important you could also put it on a CDN.

I am looking for something simple. I am at best a poormans CTO. My problem is when I link in google drive it just takes too long to start the DL. I only need to host a simple exe that can be downloaded from my site. unfortunately webflow wont let me load an exe so I have to find another solution. You cannot use my program unless you login so I am not worried about security around the download just want something simple.

You could use a shared hosting account at e.g. dreamhost: Using the website file manager in the panel – DreamHost Knowledge Base . Requires a bit setup.

Although you could just lob it anywhere, like imgur or whatever, I think you might want control over the file’s addressability in the future.

I would say that if you already use AWS, just use static website hosting in S3. That’s pretty simple to me, but one man’s simple is another’s complicated.

If there was a specific service for hosting desktop software downloads, would it be something that you would be interested in paying for?

Using Azure blob storage costs cents per month. That’s what I use. There are many other similar options from the other cloud providers too.

Maybe there’s a market for non-technical people….

Thanks for all the help. I ended up using bunny . net very easy, cheep and the support has been great.