Hosted Comments with Remarkbox

Hey all,

The last few months have been a bootstrapping grind. Things have been progressing but everything takes longer then I estimate. Anyways I have the first version of the “self service” flow working on Remarkbox.

If you need hosted comments or if you have a spare moment and want to help a fellow bootstrapper, please test out the self-service flow and leave feedback. (No credit card required)

  • What works?
  • What doesn’t?
  • What makes you confused?
  • What do you suggest?

Somehow the email confirmation for your home page doesn’t work.

Here’s the email I’ve got:

Hello again!
To log in please click the link below.
Click here to log in!
You may paste this link into your browser:


What’s next?
Talk to you soon!

When I click on it, it opens a page for a split-second, then the page auto-closes. I refreshed the home page again, but my comment remains unverified:

Note: I opened the link from Outlook, if matters.

The space between c and om in .com is seen in the Outlook too, but the URL in the link seem to be correct.

P.S. It suddenly became verified when I clicked on Verify link under the comment. Huh?

Thank you, it seems like the URL is having a breakline?

Yes. I’ve got a couple more emails since that (did you generate them?), and the last one is even more broken

i.e. it just ends at .c

Both the link in the text and the hyperlink.

It seems to me you may need to radically reduce the link size. It get truncated somewhere. Maybe it is possible to save email and return-to into the DB?

Going back on topic:

I have “enable comments” task in one of my upcoming iterations, and at that time I’ll certainly evaluate Remarkbox.

I have a risk to address: if I start using Remarkbox, and some time later I want to switch to some other way of commenting - is it possible to export all my comments? I see an answer in FAQ that I’ll have to ask for it personally. It is awkward for the situation, and I (and other people who consider the service) may see it as an objection. I believe the export of my own data should be automatic, no questions asked - even if charged a nominal fee for. Lack of this feature is an competitive dis-advantage.

Yes, if my service isn’t a perfect match for your needs I definitely will help you export all your comments.

This is your data, not mine.

For sure I plan to automate this process. For now it is a manual task which is why you have to ask for it.

Automating this process is on my list of things to do but there are higher priority issues, like the email issue you found above. : )

PS: I generated one email to make sure the raw-otp was reset.

I resolved the two issues you experienced.

The first one was the auto verification routine was erroring out (due to a huge refactor I did a couple weeks ago related to database sessions)

The 2nd issue related to the space in the URL was because I was minifying my HTML email content, and it didn’t occur to me that SMTP have a 1000 line limit per RFC! I removed the minifying routine and the issue seems to be fixed.

Gosh computers are troublesome.


Hey @Russell_Ballestrini

Looks neat!

How are you planning on reaching out to people who would use this? Presumably designers and website owners who aren’t developers maybe?