Home page for software where user is different than customer

I’m developing some web-based software that will be paid for by employers (or more specifically benefit advisors for the employer) but used by their employees. My question is who should the copy on the home page be geared to? The user or the customer?

My thought is that the home page copy should be geared to the user (employee) as they are going to be going there to login. Then have separate landing pages (linked to at the top) for the customers (employers and benefit providers).

I suggest the FreshBooks approach. Each client gets clientname.freshbooks.com for their employees to use…but people sign up at freshbooks.com when buying the freshbooks service

I really like @mj_langford’s advice. You can consider a variation of this theme (e.g. http://yourapp.com/clientname for employees). I also think that there are two separate issues:

  1. an appropriate UI for those who have already signed up - separate parts for the employer and employee are needed
  2. sales pages - independently from the choice you make in 1 they should be targeted at the economic buyer which will most likely be the employer

I’d say that the above points are independent, i.e. making a particular choice doesn’t affect the choices you have for the other.