Hola! It's Gustavo from Barcelona. :) I make boxes

Hello! Hola!

I’m Gustavo. I’ve been living in Barcelona for this past year developing 2 products and enjoying a new begining in my ancestral home. (I’m orginally from Dominican Republic but my mom is Spanish.

The first product—a backpack—was a spontaneous project when people became interested in my self-designed bag.

Why? Tired of compromise and excuse I needed a solution for my need to workout and release my mind. Going for a run outdoors didn’t lead to a complete workout. Nor was I happy when the fluorescent light flickered on me when I hit the squat rack. So I designed a backpack that lets you take your gym everywhere. Be it the boardroom, the club, or the park. It fits a MacBook Pro—and you’re going to love its deep, dark blue.

The second—is the notes app for long term thinkers.

We’ve designed our data model to be something that you can trust for the next 50 years—letting you change your mind, your desktop, and your context on the fly as the need arises.

The common thread between them is organization. Hence boxes.

The backpacks are already here—and I’m looking to launch the Notes app this February simultaneously so I can switch my mental space from Builder to Marketer and Bootstrapper in 2020.

Would love to meet up with anyone in Barna.

Big hello!


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Welcome Gustavo!

I’m also based in Barcelona, although I’m currently out of town for some months and won’t be back until late March.

Have you got a landing page or sign up page already for the Notes app?

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Hi Steve! No landing page yet. I’m on target for Febuary—polishing up some details now.