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Hola, I'm Daniel Schutzsmith from Mark & Phil


Hello everybody, I’m Daniel Schutzsmith!

My Company

I’m co-founder of Mark & Phil, a smallish digital creative agency that makes marketing & fundraising easier for nonprofits. We’ve been in business for 3 years, profitable since day 1, but we’ve had to learn the hard way all along our journey.

Our New Venture

We’re now attempting to pivot the company a bit to do less service and more productization of what we do. Our first product is Awesome Cause, empowers nonprofits with the ability to create their own website that’s super easy to setup and edit, while also utilizing simple CRM and fundraising features to build their supporter base.

How I Found Bootstrapped.fm

As with most things bootstrap related, I heard about it from my friend and work neighbor @ian. I’ve been catching up on all of the podcasts and am absolutely loving them.

Looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned and asking questions of the community on hurdles we may run into during this transition to more product driven revenue.


Ah, good to have you here buddy!


Awesome Cause sounds like a great idea - I’m part of a service business that went product (with a self hosted CMS) so I know something of the challenges. Welcome aboard!