Hiya, I'm Rocky

Heya fellow bootstrappers,

I’m a functional, logic, and meta programmer who has passions in the lower-end of the spectrum, with particular emphasis on machine learning, natural language processing, expert systems, and other forms of artificial intelligence. I’m also data scientist with a heavy background in both frequentist and bayesian statistics.

I’ve been a quasi-bootstrapper for the past eight or so years. You might wonder what a quasi-boostrapper is, and it is someone who: developed a web-centric data platform about eight years ago (~500k rev, to-date, all passive income), got bored with the idea and working alone, went to work for/with super-computers/tech-giants/non-profits searching for what was missing, didn’t find what exactly what he was looking for, and finally came back to the thought he could make a bigger impact on the world, and be happier doing it, by doing things himself once again.

I am coming back full-circle to the bootstrapping life with Bayes and some freelancing (3 to 1 split). I am opting for this route over the traditional VC route after starting down that path and realizing that I don’t have the perfect non-tech cofounder, I can likely raising similar funds with via freelancing myself, and I simply like the lifestyle of bootstrapping over VC-land. Networking for networking’s sake, CEO/CTO duties, high burn rates, 120-hour weeks, jeopardizing mission for money, etc – these are things I don’t care to partake in.

I was pointed to this wonderful community from Hacker News, and I must say it seems to be much different than most bootstrap/startup communities (the biggest complement I can give). So, HELLO WORLD! I love to talk with passionate/talented people, so don’t be strangers :smile: