Hiring support...again

Hey guys…so I’m thinking about taking another crack at hiring some help with support (tried a few months ago but ended up throwing in the towel). I think I learned a few things from the last time that I took a crack at it.

I was looking in the $15/hour range before, and found some people that were pretty good, but I realized that if I’m going to hand off support to someone else, they’re going to have to be amazing.

I also have a better idea of support workload as I’ve been kind of streamlining my support workflow through helpscout, building up documentation, etc.

So I’m thinking about looking in the $25-$30/hour range. Probably just 5-10 hours for starters.

What do you guys think? Sound like a good range?

Also I was hoping maybe there was a way other than upwork to find someone? I’d probably be willing to pay a bit of a premium to just get a great reference that I don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about, screening, etc.


When I last looked for a US-based support person, that was a range I looked at and found reasonable candidates on Upwork.

If you want to post a job someplace else, you might try this: http://jobs.supportops.co/ It’s a job board for customer support jobs (only).

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can you let us know the type of business you are into?
Maybe someone ( finger points ) is interested.


Thanks @daverodenbaugh! I did actually take a look at that site and thought it looked pretty good - will keep it in mind.

I actually just got a DM from someone on this forum that I think will be perrrrfect! This forum rocks.

@Basilakis - have some links in my bio but here’s the site http://magemail.co/ :slight_smile: