Hiring a "Tech Entrepreneur in Training"

DNSimple is growing our team in 2020, and one of the positions I’ve been considering adding is a General Manager. After discussing with one of the current DNSimple team members about what my expectations are for this new hire, I started thinking about a different twist on the role, and I’d like to get feedback from the Bootstrapped folks.

I want to hire a developer that can help me automate some of our non-automated business processes. In return I will pay said developer (of course) and perhaps more importantly I will mentor them on the tools and techniques that I’ve used over the last 10 years to operate DNSimple. The ideal candidate will be a developer looking to launch their own sustainable, profitable, business. I would expect them to stay on for 1 to 2 years, helping my automate, while I help them improve their operational skills.



I personally think that’s a great idea. There’s a lot to be said for recognizing that it would be a 1-2 year role and embracing that. That’s plenty of time to help build out infrastructure so that you’ve got some valuable tools when/if they move on and launch their own thing.

It’s definitely a cool idea.

Would you allow them to work on the biz while working at dnsimple? The stability of a paycheck tends to make bootstrapping a side biz easier in the early years.

Yes, furthermore I’d work with them to ensure we include specific addendums to our contract with them so that they retain the IP rights for their business. I did this when I first started DNSimple and I want to ensure that there is no questions around the IP they retain.

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That sounds amazing and would have been a dream for me when looking to start TheoremReach.

I think if you can find the right candidate, you’ll be spot on. I really like this idea.