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Highlights: Find and prioritize your biggest marketing opportunities, instantly


Hey guys! We’re creating Highlights to help busy founders and solopreneurs find and prioritize the biggest marketing opportunities from their analytics and email marketing tools.

It’s almost magic: :wink:

  1. You connect your analytics and email marketing tools
  2. We analyze performance and trends to identify optimization opportunities
  • Are your upsell emails becoming less effective?
  • Can an old blog post drive new revenue?
  • Are email clicks leading to bounces on your website?
  1. We prioritize improvements based on volume and the impact on your business’ bottom-line
  2. You make the changes, we track the performance

Thank you for taking a look!


Scrolling with arrow keys does not work on your web site.


Hmm You’re right. That’s pretty weird. :confused: We’re using Unbounce for the landing page. It will definitely be better with our own code base. Does the product make sense to you?


The product sounds too good to be true. Hitting a pain point for us for sure.


Awesome! :slight_smile: What aspect is the most important for you guys? What would add the most value?


Yes, it does make sense. However, I don’t really understand how it works. “Too good to be true”, I agree with @danielherken

Also, I still, even after 10+ years in business, do not have properly configured goals and conversion tracking. It seems a requirement for your service to have properly configured analytics for web site, emails, purchases etc.


Good point. Of course we can give a lot more intelligence when/if goals and conversions are properly configured, but there’s actually a lot that can be done with default metrics (bounces, opens, clicks, click paths, etc) and tracking (trends, volume, etc). The algorithm already works quite well, we’re excited to release a first version in a month or so. :slight_smile:


The general approach is described right on the landing page: I.C.E.. The service apparently saves you the time you’d have to invest yourself listing all the improvement opportunities and assigning them the ICE rating.


@danielherken @Dmitry You guys can see for yourselves. We launched Highlights less than 36 hours ago. :slight_smile:

Bootstrapped and proud. :blush: