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Hi there, I'm Brennan Dunn of Planscope


My name is Brennan Dunn, and I’m the founder of Planscope, a project management app for freelancers and teams of consultants.

I also work on…

The newsletter, books, and podcast have worked amazingly well to bring in new Planscope customers (> 60% of new subscribers come from one of the above), and I’ve also had a lot of luck ranking for freelance-specific keywords.

I’m working on some more team-focused reporting features right now, as $199/mo >>>>> $24/mo :smile: (plus, freelancers tend to have a very hard time staying in business, and the first thing they do when work dries up is cancel things like Planscope.)



Hi Brennan. Welcome to the forums.

You’re going all out on the various marketing approaches for Planscope!


Hey Brennan.

Looking at it from the outside, I’m really impressed with Planscope both as an app and as a business. There are only a handful of apps that cause me to think “wow, that’s great, I wish I’d built that!” and Planscope is one of them.

That said, I intend to shameless ape your marketing methods to help me get SmallSpec rolling! :wink: