Hi, Ope here, looking to learn from others

I am a full stack developer working on a couple of personal projects. One of them is thefeed.press, a tool that curates articles from your Twitter timeline and lets you easily follow them. I’m here to learn from others bootstrapping, processes and entrepreneurship among other things.


Hi Ope, welcome to the site :slight_smile:

I tried your site. A few suggestions. On the homepage you need to explain what the product actually does. Maybe something like 'Your personal news page generated by links shared by your Twitter friends.

When it is scanning feeds the process is quite slow. I would make it more obvious that something is happening. I know there is a progress bar at the top of the page but the effect is very subtle. A few times i thought the page had stalled.

Its cool that you are getting the text from articles and displaying them in a cleaner format. Have you to parse the linked pages?

The service reminds me a little of RSS feed services that were popular a few years ago. Just not sure how you would market it. A big issue is speed. The site was slow to load and scan the feeds, users are very impatient.

Thanks so much @Brian_O_Neill

“Your personal news page generated by links shared by your Twitter friends” really sounds better. I will also look at the speed issues. Onboarding is really important. By the way, I didn’t get what you mean by “Have you to parse the linked pages?”

“Have you to parse the linked pages?”

I mean how do you show the news stories? The stripped down layout?