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Hi my name is Vlad


Hey guys,

my name is Vlad. I am a full-stack developer from Berlin Germany and like many other people in my industry I am very interested in how to build an own business. That said, one of the biggest issues I am facing and I think other people like me as well, is marketing or how to promote their products.

For that reason, I decided that I want to learn as much as I can about that and hope to find some inspiration here.



Oh yeah, couldn’t agree more :wink:

As a side-note, I’ve just started using https://www.producthunt.com/r/205b7fccb6df0f
I’ve payed for the Coverage subscription, and we’ll actually see how that goes :wink:

I also payed for killerstartups, and about to embark on betalist. Those are probably the first two things you could start on.


Thanks, for the PH Link I will take a look at it. I know that some people had good results with betalist, but how is killerstartups? Is it worth it?


PromoteHour.com indeed looks interesting.
Always a bit wary about the quality of the link though.
Wouldn’t want to end up hurting my domain :-/


About killerstartups - not sure, time will tell, but you’re probably right.


So far, they look really cool. I would not have chosen them, had they not had so many upvotes on producthunt. They’ll start my campaign next week :crossed_fingers:


hi Vlad, I’m Bogdan and am in Berlin as well. Let’s mert up and talk. you cand find me on linkedin so we can chat privately.


Hi Bogdan, sure. It would be great. I have send you a PM.


Hello 2018 thread,

I’m a startup consultant and was wondering how the did the services lived up to the their expectations.
I’m always on the lookout for tools and services and I was wondering if these paid off?

Have a great week everyone!