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Hi, my name is Ryan and I'm building instaaa.com


Hi everyone, my name is Ryan!

I’m 18 years-old and based in beautiful New Zealand. I’ve been building Instaaa (instaaa(dot)com) for the past couple of months and it’s been super successful, amassing almost $20K in sales. I’m also the guy behind The Startup Button and Bidhype.

I’m excited to join the community and share my knowledge whilst learning from others. If you have any questions or want to say hey, shoot me a tweet @ryanheybourn.



Hi Ryan, on your website I would like to see examples of “promotions” in the directories. can you give any examples? do they make links to website?


I did initially see this on product hunt. However, there are many competitors already offering such service. This service stranded out, because it claimed to be free at a time. However, it used a classical bait and switch scheme and later stopped supporting free offer and instead switched for paid (even for already submitted sites). Not impressed.


Sorry, I did not understand you. Do you mean that there are no sales after putting price? on your website you say about submission to directories. can you give few examples of the successful submissions?


I had great results with instaaa to promote uTask


Care to elaborate with numbers?


Sure, Instaaaa got Code For Cash’s uTask product onto product hunt. That resulted in 430 unique users. $129/430 = $0.30 per unique visitor. If only Instaaa could scale, my company would be profitable :stuck_out_tongue: I seriously thought about a strategy about making microsites and having instaaa promote them. Still thinking about it ha


From what I have read, getting featured on Product Hunt has more to do with luck and is more random event, that anything you can plan. But I might be wrong.