Hi, My name is Bryan and I am looking for help!

Hi everyone!

My name is Bryan and I am the “Marketing Guy” amongst several other hats for a small startup SaaS.

Over the past 7 months or so I’ve been part of building an app with my brother-in-law, his cousin, and myself. It’s a Social media and Project management app for small, medium and agency level businesses. We haven’t officially launched yet, but we are in an “open” beta putting the finishing touches on the development.

I’ve been doing web design and digital marketing for the past 13 years, but never had a client or business myself that dealt with Software as the product/service.

Our app is Cynch.io

I am not here to pimp our product at all. I am here to learn some systems and other tips, tricks, “hacks” anyone has that can help us get out there faster, like yesterday! :slight_smile:

I left the corporate world about 8 months ago (it was a small 2 year stint) to come back to the startup life.

I previously co-owned an agency doing digital marketing and design for small to medium size companies. So, I am not new to the marketing world by any stretch of the imagination.

The catch here is that I am more of a Content marketing guy than I am a systems and strategies guy.

That is where I am lacking. (Just trying to be as transparent as possible here).

My best strengths are as follows: (so you know what I am working with here)

Wordpress Design development
Graphic design
Video Production
Video Editing
Digital Marketing Funnel strategy building
Paid traffic generation
Blog Writing
Content marketing and creation (with a Social focus)

I am sorry that this is long winded but I am really looking for some guidance as you can see from above. I lack in NON-paid traffic when starting from nothing.

I can easily generate traffic from an already built list (email, social, or otherwise) by delivering high value content. We are bootstrapped and the funds available for paid advertising is not in the books for pre-launch list building.

Thanks in advance for any help this forum provides.


What’s your question? :slight_smile:

Mostly, I lack experience in developing unpaid traffic sources to our unknown product - PRElaunch. I typically come from the point of already having a following and increasing it or gaining sales from it. I am working on our content plan right now because I know a good bit of traffic will come from that as well, in due time though.

My only idea of right now is to build the personal brand of myself and the the founder to get some traction.

Submitting to directories for beta and things of that sort have had zero return for us.

I am open to anything. As long as it is legal. :slight_smile:

Hi Bryan.

This is slightly tangential to what you specifically asked for, but it will have an impact on your conversion rate.

I visited cynch.io and one thing that struck me was that it took 10.7 seconds to load. I tried again in another browser and it was slightly quicker, but not by much.

You may be losing leads because of the slow page load time.


P.S. I really like your logo.

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