Hi! James here. Designer turned writer. Also a rider of bicycles 🚲

I’m supposed to talk about my business model right?

That’s a bit tricky because I’m still figuring things out…

3 years ago I quit my full-time graphic design job and went freelance.

I think it was the 4-Hour Work Week book that got me interested in running a business, although it’s taken me a while to come round to the idea of bootstrapping.

At this point I was blogging at http://cyclelove.net, but never figured out a way to make any money, despite it becoming quite a popular blog here in the UK.

Slowly I found my blog posts getting longer, and realised that I enjoyed writing, and even more surprisingly, that people enjoyed reading what I wrote.

2 years ago I started my current blog at http://greig.cc. It’s written for people like me: creative people feeling trapped by their jobs, wanting to do their own thing, or just generally feeling a bit lost.

I try to write from the gut (and about topics that people don’t often talk about, like depression), as well as covering practical aspects of bootstrapping such as design and copywriting.

Currently working on my first paid product (a guide for people going freelance) and living and working in S.E. London.

Oh and regarding bicycles, I have 3 at the moment. 2 road bikes, and 1 custom-built single speed beauty :smile:

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PS. Have just relaunched my design/strategy offering at http://greig.cc/design-and-strategy/ — would love to know your thoughts on this.

The single speed is amazing. #beautiful