Hi, I'm Zhe. A full-stack developer who wants to learn how to bootstrap your own business:)

Hello there!

I am Zhe and I am a Chinese living in Sweden. I have always wanted to work for myself. I have tried freelancing, launch a couple of web service on the side. But nothing really takes off. Currently I am working as a developer in an online ad company and two of other projects in my spare time:

http://offerqa.com (in Chinese)
Question answer website for Chinese expats and new immigrates. I want it to be Quora for Chinese who lives abroad. Turns out it is harder to grow user base than I thought.

I just started this landing page two days ago and it is still working in progress. I really want to validate it before I put in more effort. (haven’t showed it to anyone yet:P) Got this idea from my current employer because I heard some complaints from them. This is my first B2B SaaS project.

I am very glad to find this community and I want to learn from all of you!



You do say the page is in progress, but I’ll still make a few comments.

Obviously you need to expanding on a few sections (Manager friendly, invoice). I see a big problem in the Salesman plan- what exactly is it doing? Who is it for? You say 2 months free, but what after that?

Also, what is Dibs? I’ve only heard this term in American movies, where I’m sure it doesn’t mean credit card payments :smile:

If you are an experienced developer then creating the website/product is usually the easy bit. Getting enough people’s attention with limited money/time is the hard bit.

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Thanks shantung! I thought about having a trial plan for 30 days, but then I remembered some sites like Dropbox will let you have extra features if you refer friends. Hence the salesman plan:)

DIBS (http://www.dibspayment.com/) is like the ancient version of strip in nordic country. Mostly used by e-commerce site. Not sure how many SaaS companies are out there using it but the main advantage over Strip is cheap. DIBS has a fix-rate subscription while Strip is transaction-based. So if you have over 2000 customers DIBS will be about 400 times cheaper.

Exactly! I found myself doing none-development work most of the time…

Can you give me any suggestion on how to get more users into your community website? It will be huge help :grinning:thx!

There are no easy shortcuts (that I know of). But creating good content (articles, videos, tools etc) that is interesting to your target audience, is a good start.

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Thanks Andy! I still have so much to learn. :smile: